Thursday, February 4, 2010

Into the Wild Summary

McCandless' body in an old bus in Alaska. The author goes back and retraces the steps of how McCandless' got killed. He spent time in from South Dekoda all the way to Alaska. Along the journey he finds himself in some trouble and gets lost into the wilderness. He lived about 112 days in the wilderness finding his food and water and tried to leave but came across a melted river. He decided to take out a journal and started taking journal entries on his expisition. Come along with me and go on his expidition with me while we read Into the Wild.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer was born in 1954 in Corvallis, Oregon. His dad taught him about mountaineering when he was eight. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1976 and lived mostly as a carpenter and a salmon fisherman, spending most of his time in the mountains. In 1992 he climbed the mountain of West Face of Cerro Torre. He also reached the top of Mt. Everest in 1996 with 5 other climbers with him. A huge storm came while they were up there and took the lives of 4 out of his 5 climbers while they were at the summit. After this he wrote the book Into the Air. He also wrote Into the Wild, and Eiger Dreams. In 1999 he got an Acadmy award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Place in America I Would like to Go

The place in the United States that I would like to visit is San Diago. San Diago is the place I want to go to because the weather conditions are mild all year long and and never gets really cold or really hot. I also want to go there because it has a lot of great sites to see and I have always wanted to see the San Diago Charger's football stadium. They also have lots of great beaches to go to with warm water in the summer. The traveling conditions are good because there is rain in San Diago but not too much to stop a plane from going there so I would go there though an airplane. I would take a lot of clothes with me and a camera to take pictures with. I would also bring some electronics that i would need, such as my phone and a laptop to keep in touch with people. I would also bring lots of food and water with lots of money to use. This would be a fun trip and I would also take my whole family with me.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Characterization in Into the Wild

Direct Characterization- when the author of the story tells exactly what the character looks like.
Indirect Characterization- when the author tells what the character says, does, thinks, or feels.

Examples of direct characterization: he was five feet, seven or eight inches tall(4)
he had a wiry build body (4)
he looked twenty-four years old(4)
he was from South Dakota (4)
he wore long shorts (30)
he also wore a "really stupid hat" (30)
he looked pretty pitiful when Jan (30)
he was very hungry throughout the trip becuase he did not have much food (30)
he was really happy all the time(30)
he was a smallish man (16)

Examples of indirect characterization: his eyes were dark and emotive (16)
he is generous for giving the War and Peace book to Westerburg when he goes to jail (19)
his face had a strange elasticity for changing emotions quickly(17)
he was a very hard worker at the grain elevator (18)
he was ahard physical laborer because he would do any task that was needed to be done (18)
intelligent because he read a lot and used big words(18)
he was extremely ethical because he set high standards for himself for working hard (18)
felt estranged from parents and siblings (18)
became enemored with Carthage (18)
he was an elite athlete (author's note)

Chris McCandless is a very compelling and nice man and always is there to help. He is a very hard worker and always gets a job done when it needs to be done. He seems like a man that is very interested in nature and does not like to be around people. He also seems like Chris is very respectful to other people and is very young and intelligent.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Symbolism of the Belt

The eight items of symbolism that I would put on the leather belt of Chris McCandless is first a football. I would choose a football because I have been playing football since 5th grade and it has touched my life greatly. football has touched my life because in my second season playing, I was on Coach Keith's Bel Air team and we won the state championship. I will remember that game for the rest of my life. The second item I would put on the belt would be a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse has made me have a lot of fun while playing for Fallston and playing in championship games. My experience at Fallston has let me now play for school here at John Carroll. Another symbol I would put on it would be a dog. I have had a dog since I was 7 and i still have the same dog today and her name is Gypsy. I have had a lot of fun playing with her and she is a great dog. I would also put a Lighthouse on it because I go to my beach house every summer in North Carolina and stay all summer and its main attraction is its lighthouse. I would also put a basketball on it because I have played basketball with my friends and i have played rec too and had a great time playing it. Another item that I would put on the belt is a raven's logo because my dad has always brought my brother and I to the Raven's games and have a great time. Another symbol that i would add is the Hawaiian islands because every year since I was 2 we have gone to Hawaii every two years and went to different islands every year. My whole family comes along and we have a great time and and lots of different activities. The last symbol I would put on the bet is my family. My family has always been there for me and has loved me all the way. They have let me do the things that i want to do and has tried their hardest me make me happy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My View on Chris McCandless

I think that Chris McCandless was not crazy, but a human being who loved the outdoors and interested in the meaning of life. I think that Chris wanted to go into the wild to get away from society and get to really know how to life live and survive in the wild on his own without any of the modern world. He was a person who would not let anyone change his mind and if he wanted to do something, he was committed to doing it and he would not let anyone tell him no. I think Chris was a seeker who wanted to see the real side of the earth in the wild without any humans or cities. Chris was a great man and was a great role model for everyone to do what they think is right and to do what they believe in.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chris McCandless Persuasive Essay

Chris McCandless Searches for the Meaning of Life

By: Alex Gambrell

Chris McCandless, the subject of Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild, was not ignorant or unprepared, but he was going out into the wilderness to find the true meaning of life and to see what it was like to live out in the wild on his own. Chris was a great role model for kids all across the country; because he was trying to live out his dream and do what he thought was right in the wild and would not listen to what anyone told him to do. Chris McCandless was a loving and caring person who cherished for all creation and wanted to get away from the society and live free to find the meaning of life.

I feel that Chris McCandless was a person in the world who didn’t like society and wanted to get away from people to become free in the wild. Chris never liked being in society with people and wanted to get away from them as much as he could. When the book opens, we see Chris hitchhiking into the wilderness trying to get away from society when he gets a lift from Jim Gallien. Chris was going to hitchhike to Denali National Park and get away from society and be free. Jim Gallien picked him up and drove him there. When he dropped him off, Chris did not bring much and his only food was a ten pound bag of rice because he wanted to experience the wild and be a part of it. In college at the Emory University, he never had a good social life with people and Krakauer states when people tried to talk to him at parties, “It was hard to get him to open up.” His studies were the only thing he was interested in talking about (Krakauer 120).” He never interacted great with society and wanted to get away as much as he could.

Chris McCandless went into the wild to live out his dream by being a part of the wilderness and living in the wild. As soon as Chris graduated from high school his first step by living out his dream by taking a trip to the Pacific Coast and ending up in the Mojave Desert where he almost died of dehydration and lost thirty pounds, but that didn’t stop him from taking more trips into the wild. When he got back to Annandale where he lives, his sister Carine says, “He was so thin, He looked like those paintings of Jesus on the Cross” (118). Even though he almost died from going into the wild, he still returned to his trip to Alaska as soon as he graduated from college to continue his dream.

Chris McCandless was a person who would never let anyone tell him what to do and he would always do what he thought was right. When Jim Gallien picked up Chris to take him to Denali National Park, he tried to give Chris some advice on how there was not many animals to hunt at the Stampead Trail where he was heading and that he could get attacked by bears easily because the trees did not grow high, but he would not listen. Jim Gallien said to Chris, “I said the hunting wasn’t easy where he was going, that he could go for days with without killing any game. When that didn’t work, I tried to scare him with bear stories” (5-6). Also the people who Chris met along his journey to wild and the bus would tell him to call his parents because he hasn’t talked to them in years to make sure their not worried, but he would not do it. He did not have a good relationship with his parents and did not want to talk to them. Gaylord Stuckey gave Chris a ride from the steaming pools they were both at and took Chris to the University of Alaska to study the types of berries he could eat. When Gaylord Stuckey dropped him off he begged Chris to call his parents, but he ended up not calling them. Chris would not listen to people trying to help him out or trying to give him advice and wanted to live in the wild and do what he wanted to.

People have responded to Chris’ adventure and death in a negative way, but I disagree with them because he was doing what he wanted to do his whole life and live his life to the fullest. Some correspondents of Chris’ death in the article of the magazine Outside said that there was nothing positive about Chris’ adventure and wilderness lifestyle and they said that he came completely un-prepared and crazy. I do not think he is crazy or unprepared at all. He went into the wild to learn what it would be like to live in the wild on your own and you’re the only one who can save yourself. He wanted to get away from society and find the true meaning of life outside the city walls. Chris McCandless did not bring many resources and technology because he did not care what day it was or what time it was and he didn’t want any contact with society. He also did not want so many things that they would weight himself down; he wanted to live in the wilderness and rely on himself and his knowledge to keep him alive.

Chris McCandless was a person who searched the wild to explore what the world was really like. He searched the United States on his own without anyone telling him what to do and did this to follow his dream and live his life the way he wanted. I want everyone to understand that Chris was not crazy or un-prepared for this journey, but he was a serious believer in finding the meaning of life doing what he thought was right.

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